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For over 15 years The Natural Touch Landscaping has shared their creative ability and knowledge to create beautiful, functional outdoor spaces that bring family & friends together.

Across both residential and commercial properties, The Natural Touch Landscaping provides high-quality services at a competitive cost. While some portions of landscaping are ``needs`` and others are ``wants``, both are an investment in your property.

We fully acknowledge you are entrusting your valued income with the chosen contractor. We will spend extra time collaborating with you to ensure you receive the best possible results for your investment.

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Early days in business consisted of us riding through neighborhoods of new construction with Julie knocking on the door
with a big smile and a friendly “Hello! It looks like you could use some landscaping!” At that time it was Lloyd, Julie, one truck, and one borrowed trailer (which we still have!). There were many long nights working by the headlights of that truck and eating dinners from Kwik Trip.

We quickly gained notice throughout the Chippewa Valley as a professional, creative, hardworking husband and wife Eau Claire landscaping team with great design ideas and incredible work ethic.
Over a decade later, we are proud of the relationships we’ve built with homeowners and contractors as professional Eau Claire landscaping company. Our knowledge base is now so solid, we feel confident as one of the leading Eau Claire landscaping companies in the area.

Although we are able to design and install all service lines of Eau Claire landscaping from lawns to walls, fire and water features, and everything in between – we have found our true calling to be in outdoor living spaces.

We truly enjoy designing spaces that bring family and friends together.
Let’s create together!

Lloyd & Julie

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About us 3
In 2013 we took our first mission trip drilling a water well in Honduras. The passion for bringing the basic need of clean water to those without sprung up in us as quickly on that trip as the water being pumped from the well. We have since returned several times to drill many more wells and we have no plans of stopping until the water crisis is obliviated.


On our first trip, we visited the most poverty-stricken area we had ever witnessed. It was a working village, with both mom and dad spending long days in the plantations to provide for their few children. At age 11 schooling ended, and the children joined the work in the field. Their homes were about 10’x10’ with bamboo posts for corners and the walls were simply black plastic. A thatch or rusty roof covered them. The children were walking over five miles to gather water from a contaminated river. Not a toy in the entire village. Not a bicycle or a ball, but everyone was happy. They had an extreme love for their family. Evening time came and they didn’t quickly run indoors to a television or smartphone, of course. They instead built a fire. The family gathered, the neighbors walked over, and they talked about their days, laughed, sang, shared stories. They were content.


We came home to our “mansion” in Elk Mound and wondered, “How are we possibly going to sell patios and fireplaces and ponds now?! There is such a need out there that far outweighs any want.”


After prayer and talks, we quickly realized we were given talents that could be used to bring families and friends together here. Talents of building spaces that could slow the pace of our busy lives and help reconnect people again. We could help bring our clients that same sense of contentment we witnessed in the families of Honduras.


Along with three friends from Oregon, we established a nonprofit called Honduras Well Projects and partnered with O.R. Agua Viva Internacional.  They provide the labor and ministry for drilling clean water wells and demonstrating the love of Jesus to the thirsty.  We invite you to follow the story on the Honduras Well Projects facebook page.


We are continually looking for ways to serve locally and throughout the world. We have been trusted with this business and have been blessed. If our cup is full, shouldn’t we pour it out on others?

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