“What do you do in the Winter?”

“What do you do in the Winter?”

“What do you do in the Winter?”

“What do you do all winter?” is certainly a question we get asked quite a bit. I wish I could say “vacation in Aruba!” But here’s a true little glimpse into what we do:

– Have breakfast with our little guy and see him the minute he gets off the school bus. We love slow evenings at home as a family in the winter months! And when our daughter and her hubby venture home … bonus time!

– Catch up with friends! For every “no, we have to work” we say in the summer, we try to have two “hey! let’s meet for dinner” in the winter.

– Drill wells in Honduras! We are passionate about bringing clean water to people who are using contaminated rivers as their water source. We typically drill 1 – 4 wells every year with the support of friends and clients.

– Meet with clients and design landscapes. Yes! We are still walking in snow covered yards, meeting over kitchen tables and conference room tables, seeing clients at our supply yard and talking with builders / contractors. We currently have several projects on the books for as soon as spring hits, and every week we are signing on additional clients. If you’re thinking about a project for 2017, don’t wait! Call us today.

– Tax preparation. I’d rather stick myself in the eye with a garden fork, but it must be done.

– Fix equipment. I’m sure Lloyd would rather stick himself in the eye.

– Prepare for the Eau Claire Home & Garden Show! We love thinking up a fresh, new, stellar booth every year. None of the same ol’ same ole’ for us!

– Snow plow. Remove accumulated Snow piles. Think about Snow. Wish it was Snowing. Wish it would stop Snowing. Wish it would Snow again.

– Attend trade shows and continuing education seminars. It’s exciting to learn and share what’s trending in the outdoor world.

– Public speaking. Yep, who knew that Lloyd and I were public speakers? It just seemed to evolve. We provide seminars on creating outdoor living spaces, speak with college students, do live interviews about what’s new in the industry — and speaking engagements regarding our clean water efforts!

– Prepare our spring orders for the supply yard. I love that part!

– Goal planning for the year in terms of staff enrichment, sales, expense cutting, etc. You know, typical business management stuff.

– Think about spring! 🙂

So there’s the short list of a few ways we spend our time. It’s a notch slower than landscape season — and I admit it feels good to catch our breath, re-focus and get ready to have our awesome staff provide you with sensational landscaping!
Hope your winter has been a blessing so far too!